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Fire risks — how safe are solar panels? Understanding of these instruments is vital when dealing with the corporate governance or corporate responsibility of UK firms in oil, mining or relate extractive businesses for example when a number of UK businesses operating in Africa tend to focus on. The UK Companies Act sets out the requirement for quoted companies to report on human rights as part of their duty to provide a strategic non-financial report on an annual basis where it is necessary for an understanding of the business section C 7 iii refers.

Companies registered in the UK must take note of the extra-territorial reach of the Bribery Act. A foreign subsidiary of a UK company can cause the parent company to become liable under section 7 when the subsidiary commits an act of bribery in the context of performing services for the UK parent. If the foreign subsidiary were acting entirely on its own account it would not cause the UK parent to be liable for failure to prevent bribery under section 7 as it would not then be performing services for the UK parent. However, the UK parent might still be liable for the actions of its subsidiary in other ways such as false accounting offenses or under the Proceeds of Crime Act There are considerable international opportunities for lawyers specialing in national security and business law.

The rule of law ensures that international law and the principles of justice apply equally to all States and are equally adhered to. Respect and promotion of the rule of law generate an enabling environment for obtaining lucrative international work with over 50 UN, AU, RECs. It also provides opportunities for legal academics and experts to participate and be engaged as consultants at international, regional, national even corporate levels both for rulemaking and policy development. This is a perfect fit for lawyers, be we tend to be active in advocacy and our extraordinary background training involves critical thinking.

So what are some of the lucrative and fast-evolving areas in national security law? What allied areas of retraining are particularly necessary, international law, trade and public law including, cyber, maritime, regional, borders and criminal law.

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Knowledge, experience, and understanding of the substantive law are critical first and foremost. From the classroom to chambers, lawyers take on diverse roles at the national level. In performing this task lawyers must fight for the best interest of the state client and not the political outfit which runs the state.

This surely is in consonance with the very duties of the lawyer, recognized by the rules governing the practice of lawyers even in Ghana. Another role played by lawyers in the national security field is to serve as policy counselors or advisors. Here, lawyers in both public and private practice provides advice to the state agencies, foreign powers, government ministeries of the President. Closely related to this role is the oversight supervision of a head or lead counsel.

In Ghana, this oversight position is conferred on the Attorney General who is to ensure that all state agencies keep in line and adhere to the relevant roles governing security. The role of lawyers in the development of global as well as national security policies and strategies are crucial to ensuring that state and non-state actors operate within the rule of law. Thus meeting obligations under municipal and international law.

Lawyers have a continuing role in translating conventions into domestic instruments and setting up compliance yardsticks to measure conformity to the rule of law. Within the international community bodies such as the United Nations, focus on security policies which are then formulated into conventions, resolutions, and recommendations and again, the role of lawyers become essential.

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Ghana is under faces a variety of criminal maritime threats with considerable land border management challenges. Offshore, threats undermine security in its coastal waters as well as hurt prospects for economic development, including piracy, terrorism, illegal oil bunkering, narcotics trafficking, illegal fishing, and environmental degradation, transnational criminal organizations such as human trafficking, money smuggling, and the illicit flow of arms and weapons.

Each of these threats creates an opportunity for a lawyer ranging from maritime lawyers, defense lawyers, immigration lawyers, prosecutors, etc. The lead lawyer although a Ghanaian practice outside this jurisdiction because he had the expertise in maritime and boundary space. The question, therefore, is could any of us have been consulted to do the work he did?

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That opportunity for us lawyers in Ghana slipped away. Ghana has begun negotiations with Togo on the maritime boundary delimitation and that opens another opportunity for lawyers with the expertise to play a role in the process. It is unfortunate that Ghana cannot boast of about twenty 20 maritime lawyers but we have a wide maritime space coupled with the increasing threats of piracy and other forms crimes at sea will require lawyers with expertise prosecute, defend, advice, etc.

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The whole security community ranging from international organizations to national institutions engage the lawyers as external solicitors to advice, defend, drafting agreements and policies and also provide training for the institution. Some are engaged as consultants to do specific work. Lawyers have a critical to play and thus create and thus, create opportunities for the smart lawyers to be engaged in the development and implementation of their policies and strategies.

Prosecution and defense opportunities also exist in large part because of the criminal or public law quality of NSL. Civil litigation for domestic and international tort claims, actionable wrongs and breaches of contract on the part of security industry contractors also offer unending work. One inevitable and perhaps most important role of lawyers and law professors lies in the teaching of national security law to students. The very nature of national security law is that it evolves.

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The next generation of practitioners must, therefore, be provided with in-depth insight on the intricacies of the law, the permissible actions, and inactions and the rules governing times of emergency. Lawyers and policymakers n NSL are part of a closely-knit global epistemological community that is increasingly both highly technical and specialized. The Bar must appoint qualified professionals with subject matter knowledge to key public institutions with a national security character, such as the Police Service Council, Armed Forces Council, Fire Service Council, Immigration Service Board, etc.

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