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Travelling in Japan and the oversea: the journals and talking about beautiful Japan and oversea (日本列島紀行) eBook: Victor Nakamura: Kindle.
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A permanent edition including 23 new pages worked on over 17 years! Chaos, myths, violence, broken up, crush, arson, amputation, fake, minch, corpse, crowded train, mystery…Wedding bell of horror tolls at the town square. Rumi, girl aged 14, lives with her best friend Kae, while working as a profiler with her special ability to read criminal mind. She increases her love to Mr. Jin, policeman getting near to retirement. They reach out each other gradually across age boundaries. How to live happier life than anyone with JPY, annual earning in Tokyo.

A guide on how to live a happy retired life by the author residing in Tama district western part of Tokyo!

During the cold winter days you wait until the air is warm enough. The important thing is to find your own life style. Work and live as you wish. A compelling soul of the ballads, embraces hope and desparation. A must read! Work by the legendary Tsuchida Seiki now evived as "Teihon".

Koji Ashika, a highschool boy with stage fright, decides to head to the city to realize his dream of becoming a ballad singer. Drifting along, what will the ballads mean for him? Seiki Tsuchida!

Travelling Japan in Style - 500km in 3 Days

He is like a giant rainbow to me. Aggressive challenges of a 30 year old supposedly prim girl! Number of improvised chanllenges revealed!! Bonus 8 pages "Fortune telling and I " included.

Japanese photographers

Rich collection of thrilling and comical works that exposes biology of bold women. It should be out-front, honest and nothing too showy. It all started from here! That particular human body part is full of mystery. Stories around that body part compiled as a manga book and with that money I make a living.

Mukhayyam Khariji

I should be thanking that body part. Appeared in the "Morning" magazine in The revolutionary comedy was a sensation for the good readers. The legendary comics is now renewed as a complete version. There are also non-published pieces and especially written comics included. If this is not funny, what is? Torinos the beautiful circus pierrot changes name and falls low becoming a male concubine. Once reunited, Michael is fatally attracted to Torinos. Staged in Paris in the 70s, a colorful dream of men trapped in the circus. Torinos is a circus pierrot whose beauty is hidden under the mask.

Leo the juggler is a lone soul. Onagi is a diplomat who buys boys.

Shoku Kikou Nippon Retto Shinjuku East Exit Branch

A boy Micheal is attracted to Torinos. A tale played out by beautiful men during the 70s at the circus in Paris. How should the humanity survive the next millennium? A dialogue by reknowned sociologists indicate visions of the next millennium. For me the chance came when I was 18 years old right after I entered university. The dialogue with the professor is like continuance of the discussions we had 35 years ago at the coffee shop by Kinokuniya Bookstore. Collection of phantom spicy works approved by the author himself finally revived!

Seize Me! The spirited music journalist draws with might the whole picture based on thorough interviews. Culture of Characters, Otakus, and Network, are the symbol of the new business model…. This is an epoch-making study that points out how state of new music of the 21st century ought be, and for the first time placing Hatsune Miku in the musical history. He had been arrested in , sentenced to death penalty by the Tokyo District Court in and defined death penalty by the supreme court in The publication was realized by strong assistance of You Henmi, a novelist and a poet.

Henmi himself suffers damages caused by cerebral hemorrhage and colon cancer. She gives out impossible demands to the suitors and prolongs her wedding. It is a fabulous fantasy romance. Being nude body and soul will take you to different tomorrow Steaming bath omnibus with total 7 stories entertained by Peco Watanabe. Taking a bath with a son one last time before bidding farewell to the body as a father.


Trip to the spa that never happened for eligible young woman. Heartrending bathing memory of the sisters. Heart touching precious collection with addition of luxurious newly drawn 78 pages. Shopaholic, plastic surgery, obsession to male companion. Family and peers, distrust for men, aversion to women. An author Usagi Nakamura who has lead life full of ups and downs, baldly unravels a bitter life! Through wide range interviews, from cheap bar hostess in Ueno to nursery with austerity budget in Setagaya, what came clear is that they all want to lead normal lives.

Abenomics and negative interest are capitalism that impoverish 80 percent of the Japanese public.

The growth strategy lacks the subject, not knowing to whom they are addressed. Issues of difference that cannot be explained solely by difference of productivity. What current Japan suffers is distortion caused by capitalism gone extreme. Neglecting efforts for modernization is affecting the current society.

Miraculous dialogues of a progressive sociologist and practical critic collected to mark down the collapsing society of Japan. Truthful and radical discussions take place on issues that have been brought forth after the Tohoku earthquake. Can we get back on our feet?

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What sort of education will be needed for Japanese who are susceptible to atmosphere and reliant when it comes to politics, to become cogitative modern individuals? A must read truthful words to mindset democracy not only as an institution.

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Momoiro Clover Z is the hottest artist of the generation, performing live shows all over the country from far north Hokkaido to southern Kagoshima. This is a concentrated documentary of the five members who are ardently welcomed by fans everywhere. India, the Lotus Sutra, Baudelaire, and the Lotus… A legendary scholar Shuntaro Matsuyama builds up his own learning as a result of his perseverant pursuit. Collection of speculations brushed up through his lifetime.

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  6. The east Asia student discussions. One day they were caught on the spot by a girl from next classroom Sawaguchi-san and here starts an odd practice runs by the 2 boys and a girl. Older boy in college Shigemasa who has a crush on Okumura. Here comes a tidemark of Japanese gay manga, and a new style of Boys-Love!!

    Quarrelling with a BL otaku friend over different ideas, experience poverty by over-spending all earnings to buy anime related merchandises,,, on top of that she falls in love with a voice over actor. Her mother nags her to get married, her sister dismisses her as hopeless case, she gradually faces the real world, through it all having absolute faith in the 2 dimensional world.

    Hanae, with her dreams broken in Tokyo returns to her hometown. A living God, who does nothing resides in this town.

    Isabella Bird`s Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

    This is a bit mysterious tale entertained by people living by the sea and the God. This new generation Yuri manga starts with a marriage proposal. A female couple residing in L. Shawn the neighbor next door, used to have a happy family with his partner and adopted child but had lost his partner. This is a story of a certain marriage by the author residing in Los Angeles. Phantasmal masterpiece by the master of Sci-Fi, Tobira Oda. A Sci-Fi comedy staged in Ezu-machi where level of goodness is quite high. Bizarre characters and surreal incidents. Experience the world of Tobira Oda like no other!