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Of recent years, in the form riptide, it has also been used, especially on the Pacific coast, to mean much the same as undertow, dangerous to bathers where heavy surf prevails. Examples from the Web for undertow This undertow , of violence and duplicitousness and frustration, paradoxically propels the book forward.

The White Morning Gertrude Atherton.

Pipefuls Christopher Morley. The Roadmender Michael Fairless. An underwater current flowing strongly away from shore. Undertows are generally caused by the seaward return of water from waves that have broken against the shore. Dude, I was rolling my eyes so hard in that chapter my ocular nerves decided to take a vacation on Coney Island to recuperate. Too bad the place is a cesspool.

Too Many Bones: Undertow by Josh & Adam Carlson — Kickstarter

So please, for the love of all that is holy, stop calling this book original. Once I realized that the cover lied to me through its gorgeous teeth, I started having fun. I had fun up until the roof plot hole, and then I had fun again. Pump them brakes, partner… What roof plot hole? The bad boy prince character is even a bit claustrophobic because of it. In summation: I gave this an overall three-star rating because it was easy to read, and the author made some strong choices when dealing with who lives and who dies in his book. I dig that. Will I read the next one?

View all 7 comments. Apr 02, Yodamom rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , arc , really-really-want-to-read , free. It had be visualizing The Pirates of the Caribbean at times which was another bonus for this read. Small bit of teen angst didn't really interfere with the story. Yes, it had that one special snowflake person that seems to run a muck in the present YA reads but this snowflake had many humble moments to balance all the "Bling" A future romantic interlude?

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There was a taste and then it was thrown out to sea. A love triangle with many different angles but 4. A love triangle with many different angles but handled with intelligence. The first half read like a horror novel. Wicked things have come to town.

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  • Evil, strange and dangerous, or is it the racist idiotic locals that are dangerous? There is a lot of hate and anger. Hate of differences, fear of the unknown an unwillingness to accept change.

    Undertow (water waves)

    Secrets, spies, conspiracies and control. The second half of the book pulls some of the teen romantic angst out of the tried and true and swings it around.

    Marty Friedman - "UNDERTOW" Official Music Video

    It had to happen and it was done well with believable pacing. Then the love moments turn into fear. Fear is the center of this world on all sides, Fear makes ugly things happen, heartbreaking, angering, and disgusting. It grows, death comes and everything changes, everything. Strong characters shine bright, wicked ones darken the world, and some characters that just cowered in the shadows never really drawing attention to them selves but balancing out a well rounded world. The world was so well written I could smell the salt in the air.

    Hear the roar of the waves, the crowds. I saw the broken boardwalk, the town, I was there. Bravo Mr. Buckley, you are now stuck with me as your fan. There were so many lines that had me snorting with guffaws and singing with Awws. I couldn't share those with you, I didn't want to take a moment of discovery away from you as you get your first exposure to this world of salt and sand.

    I can not wait for book 2!

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    View all 4 comments. Apr 23, AH rated it really liked it Shelves: blue , contemporary , young-adult , alpha-males , selkies , mermaids , alien-invasion , zzread-apr I didn't expect to love this as much as I did.

    Undertow was a fun read about a new kind of alien invader - The Alpha or First Men - or what we would have called mermaids. But these aren't the beautiful women with fish tails. They are strong and fierce warriors. And they are on the shores of Coney Island.

    Thirty thousand of them. In an attempt to integrate the Alpha with the human population, the Alphas are invited to attend the local high school, much to the chagrin of the humans. In scenes I didn't expect to love this as much as I did. In scenes reminiscent of desegregation, the Alpha are brought to school under guard of the police and National Guard. Things don't go well and the governor of New York rallies the humans against the "Fishes". Throughout all of this nonsense, 17 year old Lyric Walker prevails. She is assigned to the Alpha Prince Fathom and she teaches him to read. Fathom is quite a scary character and I loved how he just didn't understand some of the books Lyric brought to him.

    Just his comments about One Fish, Two Fish made me laugh.

    Britannica Year in Review

    Undertow is not your usual mermaid story. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I have never read anything remotely like this.. The whole concept of these different species of aquatic people called the Alpha is so cool to me. I'm already looking forward to the next book! I love most of the characters, the bad guys are really bad and just suck though!

    So the Alpha's want their kids to start going to school with the human kids and this causes all sorts of chaos as you can imagine. I mean there www. I mean there are cops, military out every day watching over the school and all of the kids. They are in the schools and in most classrooms. It's a cluster going to school with all of this going on. You have Lyric and her best friend Bex who go to the school. Lyric's dad is a police officer so he's pretty much watching out for her and Bex as much as possible. Lyric finds out she has to befriend, so to speak, the Alpha Prince they named Fathom as you can't really say their real names unless your underwater.

    Anyhoo, this freaks Lyric out and she starts getting threats from people for being a fish lover. Lyric and Fathom have to meet in private every day for lessons to teach Fathom about the human culture. So many things go right and wrong with situation. Some really sad and disturbing things happen with certain friends of Lyric and Bex. There are riots and a whole lot of wackadoo going on.